Pornopoetica is a project by


Their bodies and lives met in the research about sexuality and pleasure, which both were investigating since many years. Filmmaker video artist and director, dancer, choreographer and performer: the two different backgrounds and multiple languages, the eclecticism and the experience of activism and political investigation are mixed in their productions. In 2015, during the artistic residency at Djerassi Program in San Francisco, they conceived Pornopoetica project, a rewriting of pornography, an investigation into sexual imaginaries. At the end of the same year, thanks to the production of Associazione Culturale Dello Scompiglio, they realized the work Diario blu(E) on identity and gender topics, which was presented as animated movie at Torino Film Festival 2016, Filmmaker 2016, Visions du réel 2017 and many others film festival and as immersive installation at Pergine Spettacolo Aperto 2017.
Since 2018 they have mainly dedicated themselves to Pleasure rocks research, collaborating with the visual artist Alessia Bernardini. Together they have realized two artist publications, a photographic exhibition, a workshop and a performative installation which they are presenting, given the nature of the project, in very different cultural spaces and festivals.