camera oscura


It is a world that might exist in memory, in dreams, or, perhaps, in a parallel universe yet unvisited. 
(…) the experience of visual confusion, when the psyche is momentarily derailed, is what frees us to respond emotionally. 

(Bill Armstrong, photographer)

Dark room is a performance that works on the development of images that never come to have a clear definition/sharpness. Dark room presumes the “indefinite” as an aesthetic principle and as a way to de-construct the body boundaries and identities.

The audience is forced to focus on the images, without ever really succeeding. When the eye is not enough, the experience of vision puts the psyche in crisis, it is then that the answer becomes emotional.

It is up to the viewer to create their own path, their associations, to work on their own imaginary: real, unconscious, dreamlike.

created and performed by Titta Cosetta Raccagni and Barbara Stimoli

original music electronicgirls (Johann Merrich)

light design Monia Giannobile

with the support for the residencies of  LachesiLAB – Teatro delle Moire


Photo by Giulia Iacolutti