Pleasure Rocks Artistic residency, workshop and site-specific performative installation at

                           Stazioneditopolò/PostajaTopolove 8th – 13th September 2020

Pleasure Rocks publication will be part of Savage curated by Self Pleasure Publishing

18/09/2019 – 2/11/2019

Otto Zoo Gallery – Milan

September 11, 2019

Book presentation, Pleasure Rocks 

Noi Bookshop, via delle Leghe, Milano 

Pleasure rocks

workshop and installation Festival dell’amore – Triennale Milano –

8-9 June 2019

Pleasure Rocks / Installation

23rd March – 4th April 2019

Kinemax exhibition room, Gorizia

Filmforum Festival, in collaboration with studiofaganel


PORNOPOETICA will present for Fish&Chips:

MOLTO PIACERE – Friday 18th at 6 pm 

Presentation and dialogue between independent publications that talk about eroticism and pornography:

Pleasure Rocks(Milano) – Ossì(Roma) – Frute(Udine): 

Free entrance

/ Spacenomore, via Bogino 9 – Torino

PORNOPOETICA will organize the DARK ROOM at WET PARTY for Fish&Chips Festival – Torino

The DARK ROOM space will be a free space, welcoming and respectful: a place to experiment one’s fantasies and play with limits. With a single rule: consent. Open to all, with guide spirits that will help to orient themselves, not to be afraid, to feel good, to play without disrespect and … All bodies are welcome, photos and videos are not allowed. Any racist, sexist, homophobic and transphobic attitude, any lack of consent and body shaming will not be tolerated. Have a good trip!

/ Bunker, via Paganini – Turin

You can order your Pleasure Rocks publication at

25 euros + 6 euros (shipment)

3-9 December

Artistic residency Pleasure Rocks at theworkroom/Fattoria Vittadini/Fondazione Milano

8 Dec, 3-6pm

workshop PleasureRocks

Launch of Pleasure Rocks at SPRINT / Independent Publishers and Artist’s Books Salon

Milan – Spazio Maiocchi,

24-25 novembre, 13-21 pm

Pleasure Rocks is a Pornopoetica & La Nut production

First edition printed in 80 copies, 36 pages – FAG offset press

Thanks to t-squirt for the interview!