Pleasure rocks

“Fluida è tutta la materia che, a prescindere dal suo stato solido, liquido, gassoso, prolunga le proprie forme in un’immagine di sé – sia nella forma di una percezione che in quella di una continuità fisica” (Emanuele Coccia)

“Matter is never a settled matter. It is always already radically open” (Karen Barad)

“The orgasmic force favors no organ over any other, so that the penis possesses no more orgasmic force than the vagina, the eye, or the toe” (Paul B. Preciado)

Pleasure Rocks explores the relationship of matter, between organic and inorganic, human and non-human, through the idea and experience of pleasure. Pleasure Rocks moves without categorizing between (what we still call) human and nature: through the time of exploration and perception, the space of care and re-connection, it generates an alliance of bodies, an intra-action between humans and rocks. It is the deconstruction of anthropocentric pleasure. The title is therefore a play on words that wants to underline the importance of re-thinking pleasure as a form of struggle and resilience in a historical, economic and social context characterized by the necropolitics, the devastating pace of neoliberal production and the hedonistic pleasure of consumption. The idea of pleasure in Pleasure Rocks evolved during the process. The rock from object became subject, body, partner of exploration, turning the research into experimentation on/with matter and gradually shaping the time of experiencing pleasure. It is an extended time that leads to embody the pleasure of stasis, in a state of listening that amplifies the senses and reconnects us to the matter we are, in which we are immersed and we “intra-act”.

Pleasure Rocks is a collaboration between Pornopoetica project by Titta C. Raccagni and Barbara Stimoli and the visual artist Alessia Bernardini: it is a publication, an installation, a performance and a workshop.

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Rock on – Pleasure Rocks exhibitions/shows/residencies/workshops

March 2018 – Artistic residency and photo installation, CRAC / centre for contemporary art / Lamezia Terme

November 2018 – SPRINT Independent Publishers and Artists’ Books Salon, first edition launch/ Milan

December 2018 – Artistic residency and workshop, theworkroom (Fattoria Vittadini/ Fondazione Milano) /Milan

March 2019 – Photo and sound installation, Film Forum Festival / studiofaganel, Kinemax / Gorizia

May 2019 – Artistic residency, theworkroom (Fattoria Vittadini/Fondazione Milano)

June 2019 – Installation and workshop, Triennale / Milan

September 2019 – Photo Installation, Libreria Noi / Milan

October 2019 – Photo exhibition Leporello / Rome

November 2019 – Workshop, Fivizzano27 / Rome

January 2020 – Artistic residency, Spazio Nomade, Rosignano Marittimo (LI)

September 2020 – Artistic residency and workshop, Stazioneditopolò, Topolò (Udine)

Photos by Alessia Bernardini All rights reserved