Pleasure rocks

The orgasmic force favors no organ over any other, so that the penis possesses no more orgasmic force than the vagina, the eye, or the toe”

Paul B.Preciado

Pleasure rocks is a research on unconventional pleasures and new imaginaries. It is an interdisciplinary project that uses different media: photography, performance, sound.

Pleasure Rocks is an artistic collaboration with the artist and photographer Alessia Bernardini and it has been developed during the artistic residency at CRAC/Research Center for Contemporary Arts  in Lamezia Terme, Italy and with the support for the residency in Milan of Fattoria Vittadini/TheWorkRoom and Fondazione Milano.

Pleasure rocks is a publication, a performance, a workshop and a photographic exhibition.

Pleasure Rocks_publication first edition has been printed in November 2018 in 80 copies

/ 1 color FAG offset press by Paolo Nava on rives sensation glosspaper, 120 gr.

/36 pages staple binding

protected with a metallic blue anti-static envelope bag

Format 21×29 cm

It contains a selection of 14 photos from Pleasure Rocks project + quotes from “Testo Junkie: Sex, Drugs, and Biopolitics in the Pharmacopornographic Era” by Paul B. Preciado, translated by Bruce Benderson. Published in English by the Feminist Press, New York City, in 2013

25 euros + 6 euros (shipment)

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